Sunday, 27 January 2013

Our very first Annual General Meeting

To: All Supporters of The Rail Garden
From: The Rail Garden Committee
Re: The first Rail Garden Annual General Meeting


It is hard to believe that this time last year a small group of us were trying to figure out how many people might want to come to our first community meeting and if there would be anyone out there willing to help us build a garden, not just for gardeners but for the whole neighbourhood.

There weren't just one or two people wanting to help us there were hundreds of you; and so, one season of work bees, Breakfast Television, 10 allotment gardens, a shed, a composter, free community art events, dances, dinners, tomatoes and basil for everyone who needed them! (check out our Flickr page for a dose of summer and fun) 

Like every fledgling organization, we are coming to another big milestone; our first Annual General Meeting! 

Please join us to talk about the lessons learned, share your thoughts and hear some ideas on what adventures may be in store for us in 2013

The AGM is Tuesday, January 29
7:30 PM
GAS -- 1390 Gerrard (

We will go over our budget, fundraising, and plans, and introduce our new committee members. 

There are some really exciting improvements coming to our neighbourhood in 2013 and this is going to be a great opportunity to find out how you could be involved.

Come gather with us to enjoy the company of an inspiring, galvanized and passionate group of neighbours.