Thursday, 6 June 2013

And so it begins...

Most of you already know, the City of Toronto is going to be doing some much needed work on the Monarch Park Tunnel this summer.  This work is going to leave us with a resurfaced tunnel entrance to the Park - new lights and a new retaining wall around the East side of the path through the garden.

It is going to be lovely when it's done but it in the meantime since we won't be able to establish our community beds, The Rail Garden committee is looking for opportunity to grow 'satellite garden's around our amazing neighbourhood.

The first of which is in the little planter at Roden Public School.
Local parent Theresa Baillie helped to coordinate the effort with a few key members of the Garden - Miranda, Jen and Carly to put in some fresh flowers and greenery.
They planted some marigold annuals and some perennials.

and of course, left the well established irises to do their Spring thing.
We will also be working with the Ashdale Public Library to build a perennial garden over the next month or so. 

If you know of a possible site for a satellite garden and would like to help us build a satellite garden please email us at!   Keep in mind we're all working parents so give us lots of time to respond.

See you in the dirt!