Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ashdale Library: Lending books to people and gardens to plants

Hey Garden lovers!

I know it's been a great summer hasn't it?  A long cool slow Spring followed by a wet and hot summer. Remember way back in June when I told  you that The Rail Garden was planning a garden plant at the Ashdale Library?

Well it happened, way back in June!

The City of Toronto had kindly shared their plans for the tunnel rehabilitation project as early as possible so we knew that their construction was going to take out the small starter pollination garden we had going.

Since the Ashdale Library had already reached out to us about planting on their yard we thought it might be a great fit to transplant as many of our pollinators to their property!
A call out to the neighbours for any plants they were looking to split resulted in peonies, hostas and bleeding heart bushes from Jones all the way through to Coxwell.
Then a couple of well placed phone calls and our labour force was established .

Our plants are doing well in their new home and we are looking forward to splitting them and bringing them back to their original home in the Spring.  I love seeing the community beds spread through the neighbourhood.